What’s the Best Way to Learn Spanish?

what's the best way to learn Spanish
Learning Spanish Online

What’s the Best Way to Learn Spanish?

What’s the best way to learn Spanish? There are so many different ways to learn this language, but the absolute best way to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself in it.

That’s right, the best way you can pick up a new language is to have to survive with it. When being able to find a bathroom or eat literally depends on how quickly you learn the language, you’ll be amazed at how fast it comes! Your brain remembers important things, so if you know that you can’t eat unless you know how to ask for food, that is immediately categorized as very important in your brain! You’ll remember it.

How do you get this in depth experience? I would suggest finding a small town in any Spanish speaking country, away from tourist areas and jumping in. It can be helpful to take some classes ahead of time, so you have a basic knowledge of what to use, but you’ll learn much faster when mingling with the locals.

What If I Can’t Travel Right Now?

Obviously, travel has become problematic since the pandemic began and you may not be too keen on staying in another country or flying on a plane with the potential for infection. So, if you’re not going to immerse yourself 100%, the next best thing is to immerse yourself as much as possible, where you are.

The first thing you’ll need is classes. We can help you with that part of the learning and you can get started for free. Classes will give you the proper pronunciation, grammar, and you’ll be able to practice talking to a native Spanish speaker.

Next, you need to add as much Spanish to your life as possible. Read books and magazines in Spanish (start with kids’ books if necessary), watch Spanish language shows, and listen to Spanish music. Surrounding yourself with the language in your daily life will help you immensely with learning it.

Finally, you need to find someone to practice with. If you aren’t taking classes every day, you will need to find a penpal or someone to chat with on video chat so you can practice. You can even switch so they learn English and you practice Spanish.

What’s the best way to learn Spanish? It’s total immersion. You may not be able to get into it completely in your home, but every bit helps!

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