How to Thrive During a Pandemic

how to thrive during a pandemic
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How to Thrive During a Pandemic

Let’s face it, 2020 has not been kind to anyone. We’re all facing the exhaustion and depression that comes with the ongoing pandemic and quarantine. It’s difficult to keep your mental health with all that’s going on. But we’re here to help you with tips on how to thrive during a pandemic!

Here’s how:

Pick Up a Hobby

A hobby can keep you busy and focused on something besides what is going on in the world today. Crochet, painting, working on the car . . . all of these can help you feel happier and more hopeful. And hope is definitely something we need these days!

Even reading or watching Netflix can be a great way to get your head on straight and escape our reality for a short while.

Turn Off the News

If you are like most people, the news just brings you down, but you keep watching it. That’s not a good idea and definitely not how to thrive in a pandemic.

Everyone needs to know a bit about what is going on in the world, but you don’t have to make it an all day thing. Everything in moderation! So that means keeping your news absorption to a few short time chunks in the day.

For example, you might want to watch the news for 30 minutes in the morning, or check on your favorite news site, but limit the time. When your time is up, that’s it. Go do other things. You’ll be much happier for it.

Focus on the Positive

With so much negativity everywhere, it can feel like the world is sitting in a black hole. Fortuantely, there are still so many wonderful things happening all around you. It’s just a matter of focusing on these.

One simple way to focus on the positive is to keep a gratitude journal. This is where you write 3-5 things you’re grateful for each day. You’ll quickly learn that even the darkest days have something for you to be grateful for. A ray of sunshine, the smile from a child, or someone letting you into their lane on the highway.

Involve your family in this one, too. At dinner or bedtime, ask everyone to come up with the highlight of their day and share it with everyone else.

Spend Time with Family (Virtually)

Our social connections are so important and that has never been more obvious than it is right now. While you may not be able to hang out with friends and family at the moment, you should definitely stay connected.

Make videos for each other, Facetime each other, and basically, make a point of interacting with your loved ones. You never know when that opportunity won’t be available again.

Make New Friends

Social media is a great option for those who need more social interaction. Jump on Facebook or Instagrama and start talking to people who are positive influences.

You can also join online classes, forums, or Facebook groups to meet new people without having to expose yourself to potential risk.

Eliminate the Negative

Do you find yourself surrounded by negative influences? If you are constantly upset with what folks on social media are saying, or if you just can’t handle your mother telling you that you’re doing something wrong, again, then it may be time to shut down the source.

Eliminating negative influences from your life, as much as possible, can be an amazing way to learn how to thrive in a pandemic. After all, it’s about staying positive and upbeat, which is tough to do when everyone is dragging you down.

Learn a New Skill

Keep your brain going strong by learning something new. You can study Greek mythology, learn to cook better, or, of course, learn a new language. That’s what we specialize in and we’re here to help you with goal if you want to know how to thrive during a pandemic.

Best of all, you can try it out for free! We offer a free trial class so you know exactly what to expect before you jump into one of our packages. Try it out today!

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