In Person Spanish Classes vs. Virtual Spanish Classes

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In Person Spanish Classes vs. Virtual Spanish Classes

Right now, it’s a very confusing time for Spanish classes. First, there’s not a lot of travel going on, so attending a Spanish school is not likely to happen. However, many people worry that virtual classes won’t have the same effect. Can you really learn as well online as you can in person?

Let’s take a look at both in person and virtual Spanish classes to see which one is best for you.

In Person Spanish Classes: Pros and Cons

For a very long time, in person Spanish classes were the only ones available. If you were going to learn the language, you would have to either find a teacher in your area or travel to a country like Guatemala where you could learn Spanish in a school setting with a teacher. That’s not the case anymore, but there is something to be said for a face-to-face class.

Pros include:

  • The ability to take a field trip with your teacher
  • Easily use body language to convey your meanings
  • It’s more personable

Cons are:

  • In the time of COVID, you probably won’t travel as much
  • You physically have to be in the location to learn
  • Face-to-face now requires using a mask, which prevents seeing the lips and mouth move, an important part of learning speech
  • Your entire school can be closed down easily if there’s an outbreak

Right now, in person classes are very limited and you do need to take precautions. However, if you are in Guatemala and wish to take classes with us, let us know. We have some safer options available.

Virtual Spanish Classes: Pros and Cons

Virtual classes, though a relatively new concept, online classes are becoming very popular.

Pros include:

  • Ability to study Spanish no matter where you are
  • No need to leave the house
  • No face to face contact
  • Maskless faces, so you can see lip and mouth movement
  • No outside distractions from classmates

There are some cons, however:

  • Limited movement, as you’re in front of a screen
  • Limited exposure to culture
  • Lots of screen time

This is still a good choice if you find yourself unable to go to the Spanish teacher and for some, it’s the preferred method of learning.

Which Choice is Best for You?

Both options are great, so it really depends on what you feel most comfortable with. For many people who are stuck in lockdowns right now, the virtual Spanish learning is the only way to get a taste of another culture. With the right teacher, you’ll learn just as well via online classes, so this is certainly a way to ensure you don’t stop learning even if you’re staying home.

However, if you are fully confident in traveling, then you have a lot of other options and one of them is taking classes in person. Did you know that Spanish On the Go now offers in person classes? We don’t have a school setting, however, as we feel that’s still not safe. Instead, we come to you and study where you are, in a hotel, park, or a cafe. It’s a safer option for everyone.

Interested in learning more about our classes? Contact us today for more information.

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